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2 Steps forward and 1 back…

2 Steps forward and 1 back…

by | Jul 22, 2019

This week, I should have been training in Landgraff with Brett and Hammy. Unfortunately, I have had a little problem with a very sore rib, back and front. This has become quite inflamed and is causing quite a bit of pain. I sublaxed the rib skiing in June, but didn’t give it a chance to settle down – I should know better.

Thanks to the med staff and physiotherapists at the English Institute of Sport, in Bisham Abbey and UK Sport, I am on the road to recovery…again!

I have never been more determined to be back on form. Poor Brett, his patience is endless.

It’s just a minor blip and a reminder that we have to listen to our bodies and act on any niggles before they get worse.

On a more positive note, because we couldn’t ski, we were able to pick up our new puppy a week earlier than anticipated.



the whippet!

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