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21th February 2015 Kimberley, Canada

21th February 2015 Kimberley, Canada

by | Feb 21, 2015

We are in Kimberley, Canada. It’s a really lovely resort but could do with a little more snow. I have heard that it is on it’s way in the next few days, so fingers crossed.

The rest of the Team have been out in the USA racing in Aspen, so it was good to meet up with them in Kimberley. There are races here but they are the speed events that I can’t do yet, due to being too young 🙁 So Jen and I are training, for the first time, on super G skis in preparation for next season… It’s such fun. Euan and Dougie are coaching us and preparing us for the World Cup in March….I hope I don’t let them down because they work so hard on our behalf….Thanks guys!

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