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Stubai Training Camp December 2016

Stubai Training Camp December 2016

by | Dec 16, 2016


My first time back on snow since July and I thought I would struggle a little – but I didn’t. I am lucky to have such faith in Brett and we seem to have slotted straight back to where we left off in Norway, 5 months ago. In fact, I feel like I have benefitted from the break away from snow. Of course, I have been working hard on my Strength and conditioning in this time so that has helped enormously. Brett has too. He is on fire with his fitness and reaping the benefits too. The Navy should be proud of him. Thanks to Scott and Catherine at the Scottish Institute of Sport who have inspired and encouraged me so much. 

This season we have a new Coach, Amanda Pirie. I feel like we are going to go far with her. She is very talented and I think she gets me. I like her teaching methods and the way she explains things. I feel very positive for the next 2 seasons and the run up to the games in 2018. 

World Cup races start soon so I will keep you up to date on this blog. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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