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A lot has happened!

A lot has happened!

by | Jul 16, 2021

MIllie Knight, World Cups in Veysonnaz, Switzerland January 2021
In January 2021, Brett and I competed at the World Cups in Veysonnaz, Switzerland – It was a challenge to say the least. Our training had gone really well prior to the races but when I got into the start gate, I switched my negative brain on and my nerves got the better of me – I performed badly – poor Brett had to drag me down the hill kicking and screaming.

Out of the four races we managed to get one bronze medal. I know I can do better – we have a lot of work to do.

After two weeks at home we headed out to Austria on the 16th February.

My confidence was still so low but with some encouragement and 3 excellent days of coaching and training from the GB Snowsport coaches, I decided to race. However, on the day of the race, I had a big crash during the warm-up but got back up and continued to complete inspection but I was pulled out of the race on the advice of my Team.

I was sent to hospital, where I ended up staying for 3 days. After some tests and an MRI, I was diagnosed with yet another concussion and sent back home to the UK.

I am now recovering really well and having regular physio, doctor and osteopath appointments, plus a great diagnosis from my dentist who discovered a dislocated jaw. I’m working hard, with GB Snowsport professionals, to get myself back up and running and to get out to the glaciers as soon as I’m allowed.

It is less than a year to go until the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics. This is not the position I wanted to be in, so close too to the Games and similar to my last build up in 2018. However, compared to my last concussion, I feel much stronger mentally so I will do everything in my power to get myself faster and stronger. I have some great coaches and I know they will help get me there.

It’s now July and 6 months before the World Champs and only 8 months before the Paralympic games.

I am well behind in my training but equally, the rest has done my head, mind and body the world of good and I’m now ready to get back on the road to Beijing. I’m feeling so much better and the medics have given me the go ahead to ski.

I’m feeling so much better and the medics have given me the go ahead to ski.

MIllie Knight, World Cups in Veysonnaz, Switzerland January 2021
This week I was back on snow in Manchester, with my fantastic guide and friend, Brett Wild. He is the reason I come back after injuries and accidents. We work and train so well together, we are a good Team. I am so grateful to the Royal Navy for releasing him to guide me.

I also want to thank all my sponsors and supporters for their patience and support over the years but especially this last year. It’s been a very difficult year for everyone so I’m even more grateful to to you all -THANK YOU!

They say I’m ok…I am ok…It’s going to be ok…now watch us go!

Thank you to my sponsors

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