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Another great training camp!

Another great training camp!

by | Jul 21, 2015

I am back in Hintertux, Austria for another two week training camp. its very hot out here and the snow conditions are quite tough. We start out early in the the morning for an activation session with our physio, Chris, to warm up those muscles. this involves a run/walk and foam rolling and stretching to wake the body up, followed by breakfast. We then walk up to the lift station which is about a short kilometre, load onto the first of three gondolas to the top of Hintertux which is about 3500m and training starts.
I have been working closely with Justine Mesut this week, who is great. He is so funny and a really good coach. I’ve enjoyed working with him.
We tend to be finished by 12.30pm as the snow has deteriorated too much to train properly. The team then meet and have a pack lunch that we make at breakfast. We then make our way down to the hotel to change and go straight into recovery and core sessions, which might be a swim in the outdoor, freezing cold pool which is supposed to be thermal spring fed but feels like it comes straight from the glacier. After recovery we prep our skis for the next day and then have some down time until a video and review session with our coaches. we always have a Team meeting at 6.30pm, before supper.
I have quite a few people to thank for this camp – The Kossler Hotel and the Mader Family for always being so welcoming and feeding us so well. I have been coming here for three years with the Team and they always make it so easy for us, such great hospitality. Thank you. x
Thank you to Jen Kehoe for putting up with me over the last 10 months and guiding me so willingly…thank you xxI’m
To Duncan Freshwater who never stops working, a big thank you. I’m sorry I’ve been such a pain in the butt ?
Another big Thank you to Justin, and John Clark for all your words of wisdom, I really respect your vast experience and knowledge…I’ve learned a lot from you this week.
Finally, a massive thank you to Euan who has been there from the beginning with me. He is such a good listener and when I’m having a confidence meltdown he always knows how to get me back on track. I would also like to thank him for teaching me how to throw an accurate water bomb at unsuspecting team members from the balcony… Sorry john Clark and Ben Sneezby.
I truly love what I do and being part of such a great team is the best feeling in the World. I am so proud to be here in Hintertux with terrific characters and friends…I am so lucky!

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