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Concussion, revision and baby Isaac

Concussion, revision and baby Isaac

by | Jun 1, 2017

A quick update on what has been going on over the last couple of months since the British Champs in March/April.

I have been trying to catch up with school work but even now this seems to be really difficult. My concussion has taken so much longer to recover from than I had hoped. It was March 14th when I hit my head for the second time. Thank God for my Uvex helmets, otherwise I think things could have been a lot worse. However, I want to be better now! it’s boring not feeling great all the time and a strange thing to explain too. I am seeing a neurologist and I have a lot of support from our team management. I seem to move forward 3 steps then back 2. Every time I feel a bit better, I over do it, and feel rubbish again. everyone tells me to rest but I can’t rest for nearly 3 whole months…I’ll go mad. I have done a few talks and I still manage gentle gym sessions each day. I have been to the Para Snow Ball in aid of DSUK which was attended by Pippa Middleton just before her wedding. This was so much fun but, yet again, this knocked me sideways for days. My A’level revision is suffering but my school is being very helpful. I am supposed to be back on snow for July so fingers crossed this does actually happen.

This season is looking very exciting though, Allianz has come on board as a new sponsor and we are lucky enough to have the continued support of all our sponsors who have now been with us for the last few seasons. Their support is so valuable, without it we could not do what we do and it is down to that support that we can forge forward and train harder and compete around the World. Thank you to all, I promise to recover soon and get back on form to make you proud of us at the Games next year.

In the meantime, Euan (Dev Coach for British Para Snowsport) and Lizzie have had a baby. It’s so exciting,  he is very beautiful baby boy called Isaac – Congratulations to the Bennet Family

Thank you to my sponsors

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