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I’m back on snow!

I’m back on snow!

by | Jul 28, 2017

So, the end of 2016/17 race season has been and gone. My A Levels and school life have come to an end – I’m now a full-time athlete for the 2017/18 season and for the Winter Paralympics next March (If we are selected). Unfortunately, I have only just started my new life, due to the four months it has taken to get over my two concussions but I am fully recovered now.

As I write this blog, Brett and I have just had our first day back on snow since my crash in South Korea…remarkably, I can still ski! I was worried about getting back on my skis but it’s going to be OK. I have loved my time in Glasgow’s Snow Factor. We have been training with Mike Crawford this week. He has been a real confidence booster. I am going to be back on track with my Pyeongchang 2018 schedule, much quicker than I had anticipated. Chile is our next stop in August. I’m now really looking forward to this camp. My fitness is also coming together, I have tried to maintain some sort of fitness throughout my concussion. I have had so much help from Mike Burrell, Scott Crawford, Catherine Smaill, Amanda Pirie and Kelley Fay and Niall Elliott – thanks Guys!

I have had plenty of time at home – which has been good. I’ve given a few talks and met lots of lovely people who have been so generous. In particular, a fabulous lunch at Canterbury Rugby Club where I was blown away by everyone’s generosity, help and encouragement towards my run up to the Games. I am so lucky to live in such a great town.
Brett and I have had some good interviews along the way. Hopefully these will help to bring the British Para Snowsports Team and DSUK to the public’s attention before the Games.

Graham Bell, Brett and me
doing an interview for the Telegraph

Arthur Williams and us doing an interview for Channel 4 at the World Para Athletics Championships at the the Olympic Park

In June, Brett and I travelled to Lilleshall, National Sports Centre for a two day conference given by The British Paralympic Association on the forthcoming Winter Paralympics.

It was great to see who the final Team might be for Pyeongchang and to meet the BPA team.

We are so excited for what lies ahead for us. We have a lot of work to do as the competition is strong but we are ready to put our all into our fitness and training.

We have some incredible support through the Scottish Institute of Sport and our Team coaches, especially Amanda Pirie and Euan Bennet and want to make sure we make them proud.

Brett and I have spent the majority of 2 weeks in Scotland on a ‘back to snow’ programme and speaking to Niall Elliott, the Team doctor, Scott and Cappy.

I feel so much more confident than I did a couple of month ago, thanks to the efforts of some great people – thank you to you all.

My main event of the Summer so far, has to be receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Kent University. I have been supported by Kent Uni for a few years now and was so thrilled to be asked…what a day!

One last thank you, goes to my amazing guide and best friend, Brett Wild. He has been so patient and strong. I wouldn’t want to follow anyone else down a mountain. We make the best ski partnership…

Watch out World!

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