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I’m home again!

I’m home again!

by | Oct 20, 2017

At last, I am home long enough to catch up with my blog.

Brett and I really enjoyed our time in Chile. We were out there for the whole of August and got some good training in. It was a great place to practice my finish line stop, something that obviously needed some work.  The weather was sometimes a little rough and meant we lost a few days training but it was so worth the journey. Amanda Pirie and Euan Bennet did a great job of building up my confidence on snow and Kelley Fay did a great job off snow. We are so lucky to be surrounded by some incredible, professional people on this team.

Then, 5 days indoors at Wittenberg, Germany training Slalom.

This is an intense camp of just Slalom, with at least 2 training sessions per day.


Between camps, Brett and I are so busy at the gym, with appearances, photo shoots, talks and a bit of TV filming. Our lives are definitely quite exciting at the moment with the build up to the Games next March.

We went to Gloucester ski club to watch an amazing performance by The Royal Navy Ski Team who did a 24hour Skiathon in aid of Royal Navy and Royal Marine Charity. It was a gruelling challenge, I was so impressed by their grit and determination…in the rain!

Next stop was Saas-Fee. I loved this camp. I finally felt I was getting my mojo back from last season. It has taken a while to believe in myself again after my crash in South Korea. Brett has been so patient with me – he really is the best guide. The Team support has been so intelligent about getting me back up to speed, I am so grateful for all the help and support I get.

We also got to do some filming whilst we were in Saas-Fee, with the BBC for Ski Sunday, which will be aired on the 17th December and with Whisper films for Channel 4. It was fun to do although it did take 2 full days… it’s definitely less tiring to train.

I can’t believe that next week is the Ski Show!

This is like the starting gun for the season.

Brett and I have a busy week coming up. I have been nominated for The Times Young Sports Women of the Year Award and we will be going to the awards ceremony next week, this should be exciting – I am so lucky to be having so much fun with my skiing at the moment and I appreciate every minute of it.

Our next stop is Hintertux, Austria. This is where my journey with the team began, 6 years ago, so I have some fond memories of this place. I’m really looking forward to this camp and seeing my good friend Karina Mader at the Kossler Hotel.

Finally a big thank you to Head Ski for your amazing support this year.

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