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Indoor Training

Indoor Training

by | Sep 18, 2020

Since my last post, we have been busy training at indoor ski domes. Yes, we have actually been skiing! Admittedly, not skiing on real snow yet but it’s a very good start and a fantastic way to ease back in to training, considering we haven’t been on real snow since the 9th March.

Our first camp was at Hemel Hempstead on the 10th August, it really did feel amazing to be back on skis and to know I hadn’t lost much form. Not only was it great to be back on skis but to feel the benefit of all the fitness I’d done during lockdown, it really has paid off!

The second camp was in Wittenberg, Germany. My first time abroad for almost 6 months, it was brilliant to be able to practice my German again! Wittenberg is a super icy indoor dome with a much steeper pitch than any of the UK domes, this is just what we needed, a step up from Hemel Hempstead and representative of conditions we may face in a race. The volume and intensity of this type of training is brilliant as you can get so many miles under your feet in such a short amount of time.

Manchester, 8th-11th September, back to the UK domes as the quarantine list just gets longer, ruling out other training opportunities abroad. However, this was again, an awesome if not exhausting camp, with 15 hours of skiing and 13,000cals burnt over 3 days! We also had the opportunity to go to Greystone Park which is an amazing facility for all thing’s acrobatics and the home of the GB Park & Pipe team. Learning how to fall and land safely was the goal of our training there, with trampolines and crash mats to aid this.

Next stop hopefully out to real snow at the end of this month. I can’t wait.

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