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Lockdown 2020

Lockdown 2020

by | Jul 22, 2020

The British Championships in France was my last day on snow and the end to a very short race season – luckily we got home in time, before lockdown was announced.

Living in one place for 4 months is something I haven’t done since I was about 12 years old – I actually loved it, there were many positives. I learned so many new skills and made the most of the precious time in isolation. I have come out the other side much fitter, happier and more relaxed.

I did so many different things:

I baked.
I walked my dog.
I exercised with so many different groups, on Zoom (often 3 times a day).
I walked more.
I helped in the garden.
I tidied the house.
I cleared cupboards and draws.
I sold stuff.
I redecorated my room
I did an online KTape course.
I ate well and a lot healthier.
I did an online cupping course.
I started my level 4 Sports Massage Therapy course.
I sat all my university exams and completed the year.
I did online quizzes and murder mystery games with friends.
I watched the seasons change from Spring to Summer.
I walked and walked and walked with Myrtle the dog.
I got to know my lovely neighbours a little better.
I spent quality time with my Mum.

But most of all, I loved being at home.

I feel really excited and ready for this coming season and hopefully, when the time is right I will be back on snow to start my training for 2022 in Beijing. I’m ready to get going and that feels good!

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