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…next stop Pyeongchang!

…next stop Pyeongchang!

by | Feb 14, 2018

So, I decided to catch up with my blog to keep the jet lag at bay.

I have just returned from Canada and went straight to the gym after a long inactive journey home from Kimberley, Canada. I usually have a 2pm gym session with Mike Burrell at University of Kent on a Tuesday anyway, so decided to go straight from the airport to blow away the cobwebs from all the travelling. I think this was a good choice as it will stop me falling asleep this afternoon.

Canada has always been my favourite place to ski. We (the VI Team), made the decision to do the speed World Cups in Kimberley after so much had been cancelled in Europe this season. Canada was not originally scheduled into our Calendar, but we needed to go. It was the best decision because we got some great training in at Panorama in the first week and then 2 Downhill and 2 SuperG in Kimberley in the second week.

To be honest, I have been struggling with my confidence on snow and have not been performing as well as I would have liked at this stage of the game…that damn crash in South Korea last year has really taken it out of me and I’ve taken longer to get back to my previous form from last season. I am so pleased to have had this opportunity to train and race speed events before Pyeongchang.

Brett and I, didn’t do too badly. We made a lot of progress and exorcised a few demons in my head. I have lots of people to thank for helping me get back on track. The extra support I have been given has helped me to stay in the game. I hope I will be able to put all this good advice to the test next month – Thank you to everyone who has cared, I am truly grateful.

Here are our results from The World Cup Finals in Kimberley:


Downhill – bronze
SuperG 1 – bronze
SuperG 2 – bronze
Overall – silver in SuperG
Overall – Bronze in Downhill
Overall – Bronze in all disciplines

My next blog will be after our Team Launch in Manchester this week.

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