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Wittenburg training week

Wittenburg training week

by | Aug 19, 2015

So I’m now in Wittenburg, Germany. We are training in an indoor alpine centre for a week. This gives us an opportunity to be on snow for longer. The snow is a little more consistent and we can get four solid hours of skiing in each day. We also spend a good bit of time doing our new strength and conditioning programme from the Scottish Institute of Sport. It’s such a useful week of training, we are getting over 1000 gates in each day plus our usual fantastic input from coaches. Thank you Euan Bennet and John Clark. Katie Guest is guiding me for this week, she is great and I’m really enjoying or partnership. Today is a day off…sort of…we had some admin for our S and C programme and spent an hour in the gym with Chris Tiley. Hopefully we can go wake boarding this afternoon or go carting…the fun never stops!

I’ve had such a busy Summer, I’m actually looking forward to getting back to the routine of school. I will then start my A Levels and a B tech plus two more GCSE’s. I have had my results for this year’s GCSEs and I’m pleased with an A and Bs.

So since returning from Hintertux in July I have been to the talent ID day in Hemel Snowcentre and another in Manchester Chill Factore plus an Access for All race night. An event open to able and disabled skiers. Thank goodness I won my category with Sophie Large guiding me…good job Sophie.

The Team also had a weekend in Bisham Abbey at the English Institute of Sport working on our strength and conditioning and diving into ice baths.

I am currently between guides and looking to fill this gap for this coming season. Please contact me for more details if you might be interested.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog…I will keep you updated as we go through the season.

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