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World Cup Races

World Cup Races

by | Jan 18, 2017

What a busy 6 weeks we’ve just had. We drove out to Austria at the beginning of December to train on snow for the first time since July. There wasn’t much time before our first races in Kuhtai or to get to know our new coach, or for her to get to know me, but she is great and has already made a difference to my skiing, with her positive attitude and good communication

In Kuhtai we just took it carefully but knew we could get going if we needed to. We had really strong competition from the Australians, the Slovakian and of course from my own GB team mates, Kelly and Menna but managed to secure a silver in the slalom. This gave us such a boost and went on to get a 3rd in GS and then a 1st in the second GS. We also got the fastest women on the hill which gives us a 0 point score – which is very exciting.

Brett has been amazing and it’s been really good to get some solid training and time on snow together. We learn more and more about each other every day. Our communication through our headsets is much tighter and Brett is constantly trying to find out what makes us go faster. We are both fairly competitive and have achievable daily goals to manage our expectations. I have really enjoyed these weeks on snow and have definitely got my mojo back on track after last year. This has been helped by having the right guide for me but never forgetting the support we get from the Team, in terms of coaches, Sport Psych and S & C coaches, Physio, UK Sport and the team management.

After Kuhtai we drove to St Moritz for 2 World Cup GS races and 2 Slalom. Slalom is not my favourite discipline but we skied well and got a silver and more remarkably, a gold. Brett and I were very surprised at this result and it has helped us to feel really confident with our ski racing, especially in slalom. We went on to win one GS and came 2nd in the other. A good tally of results for our first races of the season. We were chuffed. Time for Christmas.

My Mum and I travelled to Canada to stay with some lovely friends, in their beautiful house overlooking Tremblant. What a wonderful relaxing time we had. I skied every day, with my friends, Mabel and Esme guiding me in turn…they did a good job…but don’t tell Brett!

Then back to Austria, via UK for 36 hours, for more races in Innerkrems in southern Austria. These were all the speed events – my favourite disciplines. We had 2 downhill races, 1 Super G and 1 Super Combi and Gold in all 4. This was super exciting and we managed fastest women on the hill in 3 events.

So to recap on the World Cup results so far:

7 Gold medals
3 Silver medals
1 Bronze medal

…and great points in all 5 disciplines.

World Championships are at the end of January. These are the next most important races after the Paralympics. We really want to do well and make our Team support and family proud of us.

As I write this blog, we are staying in the most incredible hotel in Steinplatte. It’s amazing what deals you can get in January. None of us can believe our luck and the training is superb too.

I’ve got to sign off now as I’m off to the hotel spa…I dont get to say that very often.

Millie. X

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